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Flying Machines
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Transported By Fans
March 2008-June 2008

Transportation is the means by which one travels from place to place. In the early days of man that was done by walking or as it was later to be colorfully called "by shanks mare". Later, to muscle power was added wind and water. That was before the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century. The great power machines, motors and fuels developed during that era have led to monumental changes in our lives - a constant movement of people, products and resources. As a consequence, we live our lives at a much faster pace and seem to be in a much smaller world. This exhibit will show fans with images of transport vehicles from the past that were made and used during those periods. They will help us to experience some of the flavor of the times and to better understand where we were and where we might be headed.

This exhibit is a wonderful trip through the transportation advances of the early 20th century and a color catalog is available for $15.
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